URGENT!!! CA and NV..Stolen Horse

Please cross post this message.

SVMHC: Stolen Quarter Horse Mare – April 17, 2011

If you have any information on this stolen horse, please contact Mary Jo
Battilana at 916-764-8080 if you have any questions or information

My friend, Mary Jo Battilana, had her 14 year old Quarter Horse mare stolen
and we are trying to get the word out to anyone involved with horses in CA
and NV.  Please cross post.

Sunday morning, April 17, 2011, between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m. someone
cut the chain link pasture fencing and stole “Jackie”, a 14 year old, 14.3
hand, true black Quarter Horse mare.  She has a white narrow strip down her
face and three varying size white socks.  The pasture was located on Gerber
Road in South Sacramento, CA.  Jackie recently had her feet trimmed and is
barefoot.  She also has a fresh wound on her right hind leg.  It is a scrape
wound down to raw flesh on the cannon bone.  She is bonded with a gelding
buddy in her pasture, so unless she is sedated she is screaming/calling for
him constantly.  She is very good looking mare and is a trained stock horse,
so someone may have wanted her for rodeo or barrel racing/gymkhana.  Should
have photos of her in the next day or so.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department took a criminal report on the theft.
Report number is #11-80619.

Please call Mary Jo Battilana at 916-764-8080 if you have any questions or

Again, please cross-post!!!

Jeanne Hagen-Santiago

Celestria Border Collies


Art of Celestria



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