Special Adoptions

  • Adoption Announcement – A Chance for Bliss Animal Sanctuary‏

A Very sad day, when people pass themselves off as an Animal Forever Sanctuary, and then give up on these animals so easily, if you know anyone that can help any of these Senior babies to their RealForever home, Please share, Thank you….

Adoptable Special-Needs Animals


It never hurts to ask — is there any one or an organization willing to take on these dogs in a foster capacity while we continue our efforts in finding them homes? If interested or need more information, please call 916.765.2938. Thank you.

BLU is a beautiful 18 yr. old miniature pinscher who recently had his eyes removed. He needs a gentle & loving owner who can be patient with a blind dog that is also hard of hearing.
Chico is a nice 8 year old Chihuahua with epilepsy, but does not require medication. He needs someone to love & trust – once that bond is formed, he will be forever faithful.
Lola is deaf and would like to be with someone who can be home often, as she can have separation anxiety. She prefers a quiet space to rest and contemplate…
MOOSE is the biggest pug you will ever see. He is 15, a bit stiff, but quickens his walk when its mealtime. Moose enjoys resting and though he is not very active, he can be quite engaging and loves attention.
Indie is partially blind, diabetic, and has pancreatitis which is treatable. His condition made him food aggressive but he is learning to calm down. Very active and full of love.
Angel is very sweet. Her health challenge is needing her bladder expressed daily. She does not like to share her toys with other dogs.
Baby Bear is the “King of Cute.” Baby is diabetic and partially blind, but pure goodness. Great with everybody.


Cinnamon – This gracefully aging lady may be rideable.
Dusty – A healthy, sound 3 year old thoroughbred female.
Eddie – A 22 year old thoroughbred is rideable for light work. Ex-therapy horse. Nice and easy to handle.
Stevie – 30 year old gelding. Blind but sound and otherwise healthy. Good trail horse. Fairly easy keeper.
Faith – This 22 yr old lady is lame on her right front leg and prone to laminitis, so not for pasture or to ride. Very sweet girl, easy to handle, likes to buddy up with a gelding.
Freckles – An 18 yr old Arabian Female. She has lost cartilage in her front knee and has arthritis.
Jake – A mustang gelding in his late teens. Suffers from Bilateral String Halt. Does not cause him pain. Is very shy and hard to catch, but he tries hard to be good, even if a little jumpy
Odie – a 34 year old Tennessee Walker. Old and creaky with bad hips and no teeth. He has a good quality of life. Needs a mash diet. Easy to catch and handle, loves attention & grooming.
Mystery and Ranger– Mystery is a blind Appaloosa mare in her late twenties. Ranger, a grade gelding in his early thirties is her seeing-eye horse. Because of this arrangement it is preferable that they are placed together.
Lady – a Quarter Horse in her late 20’s. She has bad knees, so can’t be considered pasture sound. If resolved, she is a nice broke riding horse. Wilbe’s love
Wilbe – a 33 year old Quarter Horse on mash. OK to handle, but hard to catch. Prone to laminitis, VERY easy keeper. Needs mash diet as teeth have expired. Loves Lady.


Ferdi – an enormous Angus / Holstein steer. People friendly, but kind of a big clod. Not broke to halter.
Manny – a small 6 year old Highland / Dexter steer. Ok with horses and other animals. Likes to be groomed.
Sheila – Age unknown. She is shy of people, but good with other pigs.
Petunia 2 – a 10-year old pot-bellied pig.
Bea – a beautiful 16 year old Barbados Black Belly Sheep.
Bobby – An elderly female Suffolk sheep. She’s a little hard to catch, but sweet and gentle. Walks stiffly, but appears to be pretty comfortable and happy. Not much left in the way of teeth.
Robin is a young (3 yrs) Suffolk sheep. She is fairly easy to catch and very friendly with people.
Billy – a young La Mancha goat. He is fairly easy to catch and very people friendly. He likes to be with other goats.
Ben is a senior (15-ish) La Mancha goat who VERY much needs companionship. Super friendly.
Frodo – a Myotonic Fainting Goat. He’s hard to catch and only faints occasionally. Likes to butt heads with other goats and outbuildings.
Ray – an Angora/ Myotonic cross. Hard to catch, but is not people shy. Healthy and young and does not faint.
Sally – A 15 year old Angora goat that’s a bit difficult to catch, but good with other animals.
William – extremely personable and friendly. Healthy, about 5 years old, and easy to catch and handle.

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