3 Seniors lost their forever home..

Sierra Foothills. Dr. Jackson at the Animal Medical Center in Auburn has been
graciously providing for their care, and they are now ready for new forever homes.
Below is a brief description of each dog. To learn more or to visit them, please contact
the Animal Medical Center at: (530) 823-5166.

Baby is the “King of Cute” – he gets the trophy, paws
down. He is almost 14 but has a perpetually young look
about him. Baby is diabetic and partially blind, but that does
not stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. He loves to
engage you in play and his cuteness is irresistible. Baby is
pure goodness and great with other dogs and children.

Angel is a real people lover and one of the most
appreciative dogs you will come across. She suffered
some physical trauma that rendered her bladder
ineffective and she needs to be expressed regularly. In
return she will shower you with gratitude and melt
your heart when you look into her eyes. Angel loves her
toys and does not like to share them with other dogs

Indie is a sweet 4 year old pug who was dropped off to
be euthanized because he was rapidly losing weight. The
veterinarian quickly diagnosed his condition as pancreatitis.
With special enzymes added to each meal, he’s now back at a
healthy weight. His condition made him food-aggressive, but
with time & patience, he will calm down. He is also diabetic
and partially blind. You will not find a dog more full of love
than Indie. In fact, he’s full of so much love that sometimes he
will howl his undying affection for you. Indie would be perfect
for someone who is comfortable with a highly energetic dog


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