Seeking Info of Dog Abuser

Red Rover press release

The City of Sacramento, CA,  in collaboration with Red Rover, are seeking information and assistance with a recent abuse case we are investigating.  Attached is a press release from Red Rover and reward poster.  The dog’s name is Wheezie.  He is a 3 year old terrier mix (not a Jack Russell) and he is deaf.  He is very traumatized, frightened and in need of sanctuary.  He is not a candidate for traditional adoption. We have contacted a few resources with negative results.  If anyone has any suggestions, please reach out to me off line.

Thank you-,0,785076.story

Gina E. Knepp

311 Manager

Acting Animal Care Services Manager

Public Information Officer

Department of General Services

City of Sacramento




One thought on “Seeking Info of Dog Abuser

  1. I have sent the link and asked a friend, Lonnie Baxter, a wonderful Jack Russel rescuer and police officer if he can help with this dog..He will get back to me…his wife, Patty, and himself are absolutely wonderful..

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