By Non-Lethal Means

The following is not meant to criticize
those desperately trying to save animal lives. Rather is is a
condemnation the judeo.christian doctrine of dominion, which is so
bereft of compassion it lulls us into believing that sealing a hatchling
goose in its shell, so that it cannot emerge is an act of compassion.

by homerific

goslings emerging from the egg…
I read your information (listed below) and
thought there were some positive non-lethal steps being taken to
protect the geese, however I cannot understand how coating goose eggs
with corn oil to prevent the hatchlings from emerging can be described
as non-lethal…Can you imagine the hatchling desperately trying to
break the shell and in the end suffocating…suffocation is a cruel
death for a chick about to emerge into the world. To prevent that birth
at its start is still lethal. To harden the shells, so that the
hatchling is trapped is to violate the sanctity of life:

each birth of each creature seen is as a first – a genesis… It is
felt as if it were the very first time – it has to it a “newness” as if
it had never been seen or felt before. Such is a heart who feels, who
has not been calloused, nor desensitized and whose eyes remain open.
Each life is precious. Each life is unique. For who does not marvel and
the heart skip a beat to see a live birth ?”
Charlett Hobart
The parameters of dominion are so relentless, that
in an effort to get around them even those attempting to help sometimes
use means that are endorsed by this cruel doctrine…Though the
suffocation of the hatchling is not visible to the onlooker and
therefore assuages us into believing that preventing the emergence of
the gosling is benign. It is not. That is the nature of
dominion…to create an illusion of compassion as a means of continuing
slaughter and violence to animals.

The only benign method of
living in harmony with the creatures is ahimsa… It is for this reason
that ALL culls including that of geese is prohibited in India by the
Wilderness Preservation Act. Ahimsa, the view that all lives, both
animals and humans have intrinsic worth and taking any life is
gratuitous violence…

We must have the courage to avoid all
cooperation with judaism, christianity and islam, as these three semitic
religions all endorse violence to animals in the name of human benefit.
Any pretense that compassion will emerge from allowable slaughter is a
cruel illusion perpetrated by those who benefit from the religious
status quo.

If you have seen the March of the Penguins, you will
recall a scene where an egg remains unprotected in the antarctic
cold…There is a collective sigh in the audience with the realization
that the hatchling has been frozen to death. It is for this reason
that the Jains, and ethical vegans do not consume eggs. I would urge you
to consider whether condemning a gosling to suffocation is a non-lethal
means of controlling a goose population.
Ruth Eisenbud

Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 11:41:33 -0500
Subject: North
Little Rock Canada goose hunt cancelled! Funds needed to implement
non-lethal strategies / “Hero of All Geese” Deters Birds with Beats
From: protectourgeese
To: protectourgeese

Thank you for all your support for NYC’s Canada Geese in 2011. Here is some good news for geese in Arkansas and Virgina:


The cancellation of a planned pre-Christmas goose hunt in Burns Park, North Little Rock, AR is
a real success story, which hopefully NYC can replicate. Because of
public pressure, the Mayor and City Council reversed their decision to
close a public park to hunt 200 geese living there, and will implement
non-lethal methods to reduce their population.

Article: North Little Rock won’t shoot geese in Burns Park
The Coalition to Save the Geese of Burns Park has announced that the city of North Little Rock has agreed to non-lethal methods of controlling the Canada geese problem in the city’s Burns Park. Those
methods, which the city will begin immediately, include specially
trained dogs to frighten the geese away from targeted areas, harassment
techniques to discourage nesting, and coating eggs in corn oil to
prevent hatching of new goslings. The Coalition has pledged support to
help carry out these plans.

Desiree Bender, Scott White and the Coalition need to raise $12,000. Please consider making a donation to support this effort.
While we continue to fight for geese, whether or not you agree with use
of harassment methods, it is important to show our support for
grassroots efforts like our own. Donate here:


is a story from Canterbury Lake, Virginia where a USDA round up was
deterred over the summer, the effort continues to protect the geese, and
involves a new method to deter geese from areas where they are

“Hero of All Geese” Deters Birds with Beats
gosling-loving couple and a team of Virginia Commonwealth University
researchers have joined forces to save the beleaguered geese of
Canterbury Lake.
The geese, which live year-round on the little lake
in the West End neighborhood, anger some residents by tearing up and
fouling their lawns each spring. In July the Canterbury Lake Association
voted to call in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services
program to exterminate the flock.

The neighborhood erupted.
About a dozen people picketed on the side of Pump Road. The Richmond
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals started an online
petition (it’s up to 1,700 signatures). Among the flock’s defenders were
Patricia and Luke Floyd. “Why live on the lake if you have to kill the
wildlife every year?” Patricia Floyd asks.
Then the geese got an
unexpected reprieve. Amid all the hoopla, the birds had grown back their
flight feathers after molting, making them almost impossible to catch.
They are safe — for now.

Tarun Sinha, a 23-year-old student
pursuing his master’s degree in bio-medical engineering, built a
smaller-scale apparatus to test. It’s a simple design. Sinha connected
an inexpensive MP3 player to a sound amplifier, which is hooked up to
round, finned transducers, similar to subwoofers. The device plays
low-frequency beats (from Beethoven, Kesha, whatever you like) and the
transducers, embedded in the soil, vibrate the ground. People can’t
detect it. But the geese did not dig it. They avoided the area, even
when the Floyds scattered corn as a lure. Apparently geese have very
sensitive feet. Who knew?


know I said I would send an update about the GooseWatch NYC campaign, I
am still in the research and reconnaissance process and will send out
some information in 2012, let me know if you can help. In the meantime,
please check out the Facebook page
where we have been posting pictures and videos – you might not know it
but there are geese all over NYC right now. We are definitely going to
need people who live near parks with geese. Send us a picture if you see
any! We found these guys in Williamsburg.

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2012 will bring some good news for NYC’s Canada Geese.


Follow GooseWatch NYC on Facebook; please sign the petition and tell Mayor Bloomberg: Stop the War on NYC’s Canada Geese


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