Parallels between racism and carnism – my viewpoint

Parallels between racism and carnism – my viewpoint

As written by; Carol Bullock

This is written off the cuff, but I think of it so often I decided to put it in written form. Once upon a time, blacks were thought of as subhuman. They were thought of as property to be used and abused as the white man saw fit. The white man regularly beat and even killed blacks without a shred of remorse or consequence. These black people were no different than the white man; It was the white man’s narrow perception that blinded him from seeing that these black people felt fear and pain. They got hungry and felt joy. The white man failed to see that the black man was just like him because he was sentient just like him, and had a central nervous system just like him. Crazy, isn’t it? The white man, in his arrogance, chose not to see that these people that he used and abused were his equals. Thank goodness people began to evolve and see the truth, and today blacks are seen as equals – at least by most people. Hooray!

Man still has a long way to go – to evolve, as far as other species are concerned. Man fails to see that while indeed, other species don’t look like him or even speak the same language as him, they are just like him in that – just like black people he took advantage of once upon a time – they feel pain and fear and hunger and joy, and they will, in a language that is perfectly understood by we humans, let us know just how much pain they are in when they are hurt/being hurt. They are sentient and have central nervous systems – just like man! Just as with the black man once upon a time, humans, in their arrogance, are still taking advantage of those who are no different than them. While slavery and racism are a horrific thing, I believe what man is doing to other species ups the arrogance factor just a bit. Why? Because other species that man chooses to abuse/kill/eat are easy targets. They can’t fight back. Rather than protecting their fellow sentient beings like they should, they instead choose to consume their corpses – the corpses of fellow animals who were once able to feel joy and fear and pain. What angers and sickens me even more is that the majority let someone else do the dirty work and head off to the store or restaurant to get their “food”, all wrapped up in a pretty bow without a thought as to the fear and torture this sentient animal with the central nervous system went through. They face death, and they have no choice, because selfish, egotistical man says he can. Man, again in his unbridled arrogance, keeps cats, dogs, horses and other assorted species – who are absolutely no different than cows, chickens, pigs and sheep – as beloved members of his family. This defies logic! And it clearly indicates that man chooses to acknowledge the truth – and flex that conscience – only when it suits him. It tells me that the majority of mankind is not finished emotionally evolving. I hope, for every species of animal out there who is at the mercy of man, that they hurry up and do it. Carol Bullock


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