Where Blood will flow…

This was sent out to people living in the kill zone…
Dear Neighbor,
We have provided the addresses below where the deer will be killed. No notification will be given to neighbors as to when the lethal activity will be occurring. In past years parents walking their dogs and children down the street were in very close proximity to the snipers and had no idea. Children saw dead deer being dragged on abutting properties. School buses came down the street letting children off, again, in very close proximity to the snipers. This poses a very real danger to our families and companion animals. Stray, ricocheted bullets have wound up in daycare centers hitting toddlers, homes and many other areas, either killing, or critically wounding innocents. Even Anthony Denicola, president of White Buffalo Inc., Solon’s former wildlife exterminator, stated in a Pittsburgh area news report — “It’s highly stressful because you always have to assume you’re going to miss.”
Recently, we received the following letter from a group of neighbors in PA, who were upset that another neighbor allowed hunting on their property. They are prepared to do a class-action suit if the neighbors do not respect their wishes and stop the hunting in their neighborhood. We believe that if you have a killsite near you, you should request that your neighbor notify you 24 hours before the shootings begin simply out of neighborly common courtesy.

Dear Cindy & Brad:                                                                                                                            

As you know, the two men that you allowed on your property to shoot deer were successful in that task the morning of Saturday, November 12th.  The sight of the bleeding, injured and obviously distressed, suffering animal being tracked by men dressed in hunter garb came as a shock on what was otherwise a beautifully calm weekend morning on Pathfinder Drive.  While your intent might be to do the neighborhood a “favor” in an attempt to “thin” the deer herd, we don’t agree that your approach will make a significant difference and would kindly ask that you reconsider this practice given that this is a residential neighborhood with kids, pets and our own safety to consider.  Bottom line, we think the risk is not worth the perceived “gain”.

While the Exeter Township Police Officer who was called to the scene and the local office of the Pennsylvania Game Commission have confirmed the rights of such activity provided it occurs with certain distance requirements from neighboring homes (which we assume your adhering to), we don’t appreciate or want to have this scene repeated in the future.  While you may be within your legal rights as a private property owner to have the deer shot with bow, educated hunters will confirm that a deer will run off after being hit with a bow shot that strikes anywhere other then the heart.  Given that your land is limited and not so vast to where the deer could exhaust itself and drop on your property, the chances are this disturbing event will most certainly re-occur if you continue with this practice.  Please note that the undersigned are asking for your support to comply with what we consider to be a reasonable request as your neighbor’s. 

Finally, note that while it was not comfortable, we as a neighborhood did for the most part refrain from harassing these men and even took steps to assist them in the search for the obviously dying deer which they in fact found with our cooperation.  Moving forward, if this was to occur again, we will exercise our right as private property owners to call the authorities and request the men be cited for criminal trespassing which would have a significant impact on their ability to locate and retrieve the deer.  This is not a threat, just a fact that we want you to take into consideration as you weigh the pros and cons of this practice in the future.


Joan & Patrick Antosy, 219 Pathfinder                           Meredith & Jared Sadlowski, 220 Pathfinder

 Fran & Mike Whittaker, 230 Pathfinder                         Margie & Todd Haines, 240 Pathfinder

 Amanda & Jeremy Lutz, 250 Pathfinder                          Cathy & Kevin Kelly, 229 Pathfinder

 Barbara & Vince Sumoski, 421 Shelbourne                   Ann & Bob Hayja, 249 Pathfinder



Here are the killsites obtained through an Open Public Records request from the city of Solon.

Solon city owned properties:
Cresmont (off Miles)
Charmwood Oval
City of Solon Waste Water Treatment Plant
The Rookery — site at the end of road past address 34208 Russell Dr.
28800 Solon Rd. – Waste Management
38855 Aurora Rd. Grantwood Golf Course owned by the city of Solon
Hawthorne Valley Country Club 27840 Aurora Rd.
Bruce Industrial Association – 30500 Bruce Industrial Parkway
High Tension Wires on Som Center
TLC Landscaping 38000 Aurora Rd.
Davis Development Group – 32000 Solon Rd. *Note–this is just the office. We were not given the actual killsite addresses owned by Davis

Residential killsites:
7409 Rollingbrook Trail
27050 Solon Rd.
34875 McAfee
5227 Som Center Rd.
6090 Liberty Rd.
6605 Liberty Rd.
6441 Liberty Rd.
120 Meadow Lane
32590 Timothy Circle
5410 Harper Rd.
5916 Glasgow Lane (Chagrin Highlands)
28130 Cannon
31900 Bainbridge Rd.
32695 Seneca (Oakview Estates 2)
34580 Pettibone
5209 Brainard Rd.


We will keep you updated as the slaughter continues.
Solon Deer



One thought on “Where Blood will flow…

  1. I like this letter, I am going to do a similar letter for our city. I do not live in the city limits, but, there are many people here in our city, and outside of it, that cannot believe that they allow hunting deer within the city limits.Maybe, if we cannot end these hunts, we can more and more restrict them to smaller areas of land..that is my goal.

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