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February 2012

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Moos and NewsRed ... every life matters ...Mystery and Ranger
Love is in the air at HartSong Ranch
Thursday, February 2, 2012…

Mystery and Ranger arrive at HartSong
much is known about Mystery and Ranger’s past. What we do know about
Mystery is that she used to roam the street of Santa Cruz, CA with a
homeless man. Ranger’s history is not known.

Mystery and Ranger with DominiqueAs
is so often the case, Mystery and Ranger ended up like thousands of
other homeless equines, bouncing around from one foster home/boarding
facility/owner to the next, in search of someone to catch them and care
about them. Then one day, good fortune came their way when both equines
landed in the arms of the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills.
Arrangements were made to put the two cast-aways into a foster pasture
together while under the watchful, loving eyes of foster moms Alexis and

even though a very elderly gentleman, still had a sparkle in his eye
for the ladies and it didn’t take long for all to see that Mystery had
become the object of his desires. In fact, his devotion to her soon
became the makings of a love story and people started to take notice of
the magical connection between these two horses.

Surveying their new home
You see Mystery, a 20-something strikingly beautiful Appaloosa is going
blind. She suffers from a condition called moon blindness and
therefore, her chances of ever finding someone to love her and care
about her were minimal, at best. Well, not as far as Ranger is concerned
— he seems to find no greater purpose in his life than to remain most
attentive, kind and protective of his most beautiful companion. He is
her “rock” and she is his “girl”! Where he leads, she follows and in
turn, where she goes, he goes. The two are inseparable.

East BarnIn
that winter is upon us and Mystery and Ranger’s former pasture offered
no shelter from wind or rain, HartSong agreed to foster these two love
birds for the next few months. It is our sincerest hope that someday
soon, their search will be over and that HartSong will become their
forever home. At this time, we still need to raise the necessary
sponsorship funds to ensure Mystery and Ranger a life together in the
peaceful pastures of HartSong.

Please sponsor Mystery and Ranger
If you would like to create an on-going gift, in your name and in honor of Mystery and Ranger, please click here to be a sponsor.
Sponsorship pledges can be as little as $10/month. If ever there were
two horses that belong together…deserve to be together…and need to be
together, it is Mystery and Ranger.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

To save a soul like me

I once was lost but now I’m found

Was blind, but now I see…

HartSong’s New Sponsor Program
Ranch is a magical place for animals – some with disabilities or
special needs. Your sponsorship ensures these special animals will
always have a “forever home”, good food, top-notch healthcare and a
warm, soft place to sleep.

For a minimum $10 monthly sponsorship, you will receive as a token of our gratitude:

A letter 6 times per year with ranch happenings and an ‘animal spotlight’, andPhoto

A 4″ x 6″ photo of our spotlighted animal or group.

Sponsor the ranch!
Thank you for sponsorship!

We’re growing and in search of more VOLUNTEERS
email Kathy Hart at or call Kathy at (530)
887-1263 or if you’re interested in any of these volunteer

cowBarn chores
Pasture clean upWe
have a saying here on the ranch and it is… it’s all about the poop! Who
pooped, how much was pooped and then of course, what to do with the
poop. Seems as though we spend an enormous amount of time moving poop
from one place to another but we do it for the comfort and health of the
sanctuary animals. After all, a clean barn is a healthy barn. Duties
include mucking stalls, cleaning water troughs, grooming the horses (and
sometimes a cow or two) and much more. Even though we consider barn
chores to be good, “clean” work, rest assured, you’ll leave far dirtier
than when you arrived. Another perk as it turns out…working the barns
and moving poop is a great cardio work-out, to boot. So if you don’t
mind getting a little dirty, enjoy working around horses, cows, pigs,
sheep, goats, turkeys and chickens and, if you’re available to donate
3-4 hours of your time, any day of the week, we could sure use your help
with morning chores!

handy helpersHandyperson
you donate a few hours a week to fix what’s broken, drive a tractor,
use power tools or even chase down the occasional escaped cow running
a’muck in the neighborhood? If so, we could sure use your help and

gardenGarden Master
you have a knack for digging in the dirt and making things grow? If so,
we’ve an undertaking for you. The garden plot has been designed and
established. Now all we need is for someone to plant, maintain and
oversee the garden. HartSong’s organic garden will be the “gateway” to
the Nature Trail which will soon be open for the public’s enjoyment the
spring of 2012. We’re so very excited to see what will blossom and take

gift basketSilent Auction Coordinator
you have a gift for organization and an eye for detail? If so, we could
sure use such an individual to help manage and organize the vast
collection of silent auction gifts most graciously donated to HartSong.


Dandy’s Remarkable Recovery…

37 years old and holding her own!!!
early December, sweet Dandy “cast” herself under the paddock panels
that surround her night time enclosure. When discovered, her entire
frame was wedged under an 8′ panel…her mouth was open, her tongue was
hanging out, her gums were gray and she was gasping to breath. She must
have struggled frantically throughout the night in an attempt to free
herself but try as she might, she could not dislodge herself from under
the weight of the panel.

Amazing healing!
Dandy's leg wound - Dec. 7, 2011Upon
removing the panel and even though we discouraged her from doing so,
she immediately tried to stand and then immediately, she fell. Over and
over again she tried to stand and then finally, she somehow managed to
find her footing.

the only visible evidence of injury, other than her frazzled emotional
state, was an area about the size of a hot dog bun on the top of her
left thigh where all the hair had been rubbed off. That was it…no blood,
no wounds, no bruising…until three days later.

the pressure to her left thigh was so intense that blood flow was
restricted and as a result, all the underlying tissues, now necrotic,
began to fester and an abscess developed. We called the vet out and upon
her arrival, the first order of business was to lance below the
abscessed area so that the pus had a means of escape. Dr. Kelly of
Auburn Medical Center, Large Animal Services, informed HartSong’s staff
that Dandy’s wound would need to be cleaned, scrubbed and medicated
daily. In addition, Dandy was placed on antibiotic therapy for 10 days.

followed the vet’s orders to a tee and sure enough, slowly but surely,
the wound started to heal. These photos are testament to that for today,
there is no evidence of infection, the wound is significantly smaller
and Dandy is in excellent spirits. Hats off to 37 year old Dandy…she is
one stoic horse. Never once, during the daily scrubbings and cleanings,
which must have been very painful for her to endure, did she give us any
grief while we did what we had to do to make her better.

over the worst of this ordeal she is once again, finally free to roam
the beautiful pastures at HartSong. Many, many more good days are ahead
for this beautiful girl…she put up a good fight and in the end, she won!

With Much Gratitude…
… for our beautiful, brand new, 2-stall horse barn donated to HartSong Ranch by Ron Miller of Georgetown. Thank you Ron!!!

New barn going upNew barn completed

… for Clipper…oh so fine, oh so well, oh so happy!

Clipper making his rounds

HartSong Facts for 2011:
Did you know…
Over 8,000 volunteer hours were documented at HartSong in 2011. Volunteers “ROCK”!!!HartSong
proudly recycled nearly $40,000 of earnings back into local businesses
in 2011. Shop Locally!!! Support local business!!! Where would we be
without them.
Karen and GorbyOn
average, a full grown cow produces approximately 150lbs of manure per
day. Therefore, one cow producing 150lbs of manure per day x 365 days
poops out 54,750 lbs of manure per year. WOW!!! That’s a lot of poop!
BUT WAIT! HartSong has 13 sanctuary cattle. Therefore, 13 cattle, each
pooping 54,750lbs of manure per year comes to a whopping 711,750 lbs of
manure per year. Now that’s REALLY a lot of poop!!! All this poop is
then dumped into one of three GIGANTIC compost piles and months later,
what is revealed is truly “black gold”. So, if you find that you’re in
need of some of the best compost ever, best because it come from happy
cows, horses, turkeys and chickens, WELL, COME AND GET IT!!! We’ve got
it by the tons!!!
Camp most graciously donated nearly 8 tons of lumber shavings to
HartSong in 2011. Thanks to their support and generosity, the sanctuary
animals curl up every night on a soft, warm bed of shavings.

Gilly thinks “Spring has Sprung”
far as Gilly’s concerned, spring has sprung at HartSongRanch. February
6th she laid her first egg of the New Year. A bit ahead of schedule but
not soon enough for this “wanna be” Mama! Ahhhhh….

“Be kinder than necessary,
for everyone you meet is
fighting some kind of battle.”

– author unknown

HartSong Ranch
sanctuary ~ advocacy ~ education
Dedicated to inspire a more thoughtful, respectful world for animals and nature.
every life matters
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization

Kathy and Jim Hart | 530.887.1263 |

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