Today’s hearing at the CA State Capital on the SB 1221 Bill


Today’s hearing at the CA State Capital on the SB 1221 Bill, was a very packed House on both sides, the lines were very long, I was lucky and able to get into the hearing room and not one of the overflow areas. Senator Lieu gave an excellent argument to why this bill should pass not to allow Hunters to use radio collared Dogs to add in their Chase to kill Bear’s and Bobcats. The other Senator advocating for the Hunting amendment monopolized the time in meeting by questioning Fish and Game into talking points that were repetitive Hunter Rhetoric. *UPDATE*
The video’s below are hard to hear (trying to turn up volume), but worth listening to.
Note: Hunter’s had a Representative from the Bee Association, (1st speaker in first video, she walks by my camera in the blk/wht dress, turn it up!) making false claims that Bears are causing the Bee population destruction. Absolutely ridiculous!!

I was naive to think I could have had the opportunity to speak, but this is what I wrote:

Support for SB 1221
These Black bear and bobcat hunting programs in California are recreational for only a very few in a special interest group. In all reality, Hounding is an inhumane practice where trophy hunters use packs of radio-collared dogs to chase down bears and bobcats before the hunter shoots and kills the terrified animal. In this process Dogs can be struck by vehicles, die from dehydration or suffer injury or death a result of violent confrontations with the Wildlife. Studies also show that after the dogs use, many are abandoned and end up in local shelters. Additionally, off-leash and off-trail hounds are unpredictable and cause stress of many other Wildlife species, including deer, bear cubs or bobcat kittens birds, and small mammals,” possibly resulting in adverse impacts of other protected and sensitive wildlife species.
I have researched the Hunting Statistics from the F&G website, There were 1, 824,556. Total hunting licenses sold in CA in 2011 , The Human population of CA is 37,691,912. which makes Hunters, at the most 4.84%, and very likely many of those sold licenses are duplicates from the same hunter, so that leads me to believe the statistics of total hunters are a lot less. The Bear and Bobcats licenses sold were a total of 27,700 in 2011, making even among the hunters, a mere 1.52% who actually want to hunt Bears and Bobcats. How or why should the senate allow the 1.52% Bear and Bobcat Hunters or the less than 5% of the population in CA dictate adding an additional horrifically sadistic means of torturing the Bears and Bobcats before murdering them with the outlandish claims that this is necessary for Wildlife management. This is not what the 95% of Californians want to happen to our wildlife. We are tired of not being heard, always to see the special interest groups constantly getting away with the reckless killing of our poor wildlife. The animals suffer so much already with their reduced habitats, but the Hunter’s want to add insult to injury to the Wildlife by not allowing them to live peacefully anywhere. The argument from the hunters that to torture and kill an animal is a traditional right is absurd, there are many antiquated traditions that have been declared wrong in a progressive society.
So I ask that we realize there are civilized alternatives available to manage our wildlife, please let us move forward in the year 2012, that we might be more scientifically ethical and morally accomplished for a more creative approach to manage our wildlife. Actually we could save our parks, wildlife and the budget by implementing Wildlife Watching, there are many reports done that show Wildlife Watching generates over 10 X the revenue than Hunting! It is time to do what the majority wants to do with our wildlife.


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