Life of an Animal Rescuer ~ Grace


by Connee Robertson Osh on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 7:55am ·

Life of An Animal Rescue: This from our Veterinarian, story: Baby deer brought in..a wrinkled mess..severe dehydration, had been attacked by a coyote, hole in upper jaw, when you put a qtip in the opening for his nostrils, liquid pouring out her nose..she was so cold, she did not register on a thermometer, she was so low on blood sugar, she did not register on a glucometer…her eye was swollen shut from tick infestation she was given fluid support, antibiotics, warmed, and got up to play…Now sleeping after feeding..the trick here was to feed her with out drowning from her injury…other than the above..all good.


**update** After an uneventful night, while asleep on top of our veterinarian, Karen Pallone, her Mother’s spirit, who valiantly lost her life to the Coyote she was protecting her baby from, quietly slipped into Karen’s bedroom to lead the wee fawn to the Infinite Light. She died quietly and peacefully, now playing beyond the Rainbow Bridge..Only her Mother knows that her name was Grace, for she came from Grace and she lived with Grace and Mercy, and she was taken Home to be with that Grace and Mercy..It is Finished.


**Pray for our wildlife, and the rescuers and good hearted veterinarians, that continuously give ALL that they have for them…even in the loss of their lives, it is with a profound knowledge that they died, warmed, hydrated, not hungry and in the arms of those rescuers and a few special veterinarians who demonstrated their ultimate love and compassion..The Infinite Light is PLEASED!

Happy and Healthy Now..this is how it should be for them..


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