The Ugly Truth~What kind of Society do we live in?

by Connee Robertson Osh
Charlotte-Mecklenberg ACC seized 45 cats last week from a Mint Hill, NC man who was taking care of them in his home but couldn’t afford to have them all neutered and vaccinated. Char-Meck “had to” kill most of the cats – not because they were medically hopeless and suffering, in fact not even a sniffle was reported by the pound, but “due to lack of socialization.” As you know, cats who are appear scared or withdrawn when removed from the only home they’ve ever known and dropped on the stainless steel table at a pet killing facility are deviant beasts who don’t deserve to live.

It must be gratifying for the staff at Char-Meck to know that, instead of offering to neuter, vaccinate and assist in rehoming these healthy, owned cats, they have done the community a service by putting pets who refused to tap dance on demand didn’t pass their behavioral evaluations into the f
reezer. There, they can hone their social skills while awaiting the Dead Cat Man who rummages through cat carcasses at NC pounds and picks out which ones he’ll pay $5 for in order to supply his dissection specimen business.


Remember folks, don’t criticize anyone who enables these types of killings rescues. We all want the same thing. We’re all on the same team. They have a hard job killing rescuing pets and you’re not allowed to judge unless you are willing to do their jobs for them for free. No one wants to kill pets. They have to because the public is irresponsible and the only two choices are kill or – oh wait, I guess there is only one choice. Yay Team Killing Rescue!


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