“I have mentioned only the pollution issue, but this is but one negative aspect of horse slaughter,” she continued. ” … Behind the privacy fences of these plants, trucks arrived continuously and on those trucks was every form of inhumane violation one can imagine, from mares birthing foals to horses with eyes dangling from their sockets and legs ripped from their bodies.”Add your thoughts here… (optional)

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Janet Pearson as published in Tulsa World.com

For a lot of Oklahomans, the undeniable horribleness of horse slaughter is reason enough to maintain the state’s ban on the grisly business.

Eye of the SlaughteredBut of course, meat production is an inherently unpleasant undertaking. Which raises the question: Are there other good reasons to continue the ban?

Apparently leaders and residents of Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Oregon and Missouri, among other states, seem to think so.

Evidence from the experience of the two states where slaughterhouses most recently operated is resurfacing and is proving to be persuasive in those states where new slaughterhouses are being proposed. Slaughterhouse plans have been proposed in about a half-dozen states, including Oklahoma, since Congress lifted the ban on domestic horse meat inspections in late 2011, which paved the way for their return in the U.S.

Water pollution, the never-ending stench of blood, waste and offal, wastewater system…

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