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King Amendment Officially Rejected!

Great news! The Farm Bill Conference Committee just released its conference report containing the final version of the U.S. Farm Bill. As ALDF has warned, the King Amendment would have prevented states from ever setting their own health, safety, and welfare standards and applying them to imported agricultural products produced in jurisdictions with weaker laws for animals.

We are happy to announce that the anti-animal King Amendment is nowhere to be found in any of the 949 pages that will be sent to the full House and Senate for a final vote. Celebrate with ALDF by leaving a comment on Facebook, and sharing the news with your friends. It’s a great day for animals!

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Lolita’s Chance at Freedom!

Currently confined alone to a tank at the Miami Seaquarium that’s smaller than even the minimum standard required by federal law, Lolita the orca’s future could soon take a turn for the better.

After over 40 years, Lolita finally has a chance at freedom! ALDF, PETA, Orca Network, and others petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect Lolita under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and it was announced today that a proposed rule would do just that! Protecting Lolita under the ESA is a crucial step forward in working to secure her release, so ALDF is celebrating this as a victory — join us! 

Leave a brief, respectful comment in support of protecting Lolita under the ESA, or simply send a tweetthanking regulators for taking this crucial step. For more information on sharing this great news on social media,visit our website

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A Great Day for American Horses

President Obama signed a new spending bill that contains some very good news for horses and those of us who love them. Most immediately, it ensures that horses will not be slaughtered for human consumption in this country for the time being — restoring a ban on using any Federal dollars to inspect horse slaughter facilities. Without those government inspections, slaughterhouses are not able to comply with Federal Meat Inspection Act standards. This is an important first step, but more action needs to be taken. 

In order to truly bring an end to horse slaughter, we need you to urge your members of Congress to pass the Safeguard American Foods Export (SAFE) Act. This bill would permanently ban the domestic slaughter of horses and halt the export of American horses for slaughter abroad by prohibiting the “sale or transport of horses in interstate or foreign commerce for purposes of human consumption.” Visit our website for contact information and talking points. Please make a call today!

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On the Ground with Elephants in Kenya

Follow the adventures of ALDF founder and general counsel, Joyce Tischler, as she reports back on her recent travels in Kenya. The poaching of African elephants has reached dangerously high levels, so Joyce visited to learn about what is being done on the ground to fight against this slaughter. She met with Kenyan animal advocates, visited an orphaned elephant sanctuary, met rescued baby elephants, travelled in the bush to thwart poachers by removing snare traps, and much more. 

Read the first in a three part blog series and stay tuned for updates — including great video footage of bottle feeding baby elephants!

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King Amendment Officially Rejected!
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On the Ground with Elephants in Kenya
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