Death of a Deer

424173_2797426252170_1295967620_nby Connee Robertson

Running happily through the trees, she heard a sound..she turned to see where it came from. The others, her deer family, went on without, she had to run very quickly to catch up..They approached that hard part of the path..the one that humans call a road. She ran quickly ahead, she never saw the truck. It was not there as she accelerated to catch up. Suddenly there it was A TRUCK and she hit it head on.It was like hitting a wall and all she felt was PAIN. She fell backwards and her shoulder was dislocated..he leg was broken. She was stunned. She jumped up, with the adrenaline still pumping and limped across the road. She dropped onto the ground. She was in so much pain!! She was still confused. What was that? Where did that wall come from..that truck was like  hitting a wall.

There were  human voices. One came through the wooded area on the edge of that road. He was speaking softly to her. She heard him, but, she was very frightened. She wanted to get  up with all she had in her..and she tried, but her front legs would not co-operate and her back legs could not force  her front legs to work. She crumpled back down..

A hand was placed on her head..the man had a soft voice and he was telling her it was alright. She knew it was not. She was in so much pain, she accepted the warm hand on her head. He touched the parts that hurt. She had a sinking feeling. She could see her life, when she was her mother’s side. Felt the warmth of the milk her mother fed  her..and the cool feeling on her forehead..her mother’s kisses..but, this hand was not her mother. It was those strange animals the others call humans. They were to be feared!! This one had a soft sounding voice, and a soft touch. She knew she was dying, and she was struggling to cope with her pain and her fear. The man left her…and she heard his voice. He asked the man that came out of the truck that she ran into..if he had anything, a pipe, or a knife. He said she was going to die there..The other man, said “Well, she is going to die, anyway!!” The nice man, the one with the soft voice that had touched all of her hurt places said, “Yes, she will die..but, not before she suffers greatly! She is a living soul, yes, she ran into YOU, but, she is innocent and a life…she should not suffer. So, please, give me something to put  her out of her misery.” The other man said, ” I have a gun, but, she is going to die, why not leave her be?” The nice man, with the kind voice, said, “I cannot  leave her. I cannot put her back together, either. If she were able to be saved, I would take her to our veterinarian. My wife and I are wildlife rehabilitators. We spent over an hour, once, in the snow and sleet carefully cutting a deer out of a fence  who had gotten hung up in a barbed wire. We took her, put her in the back of our car, and placed her in our deer pen. One of our other deer, who had been abused..taken from her mother as a baby, and used to train a  hunter’s beagles, and was torn up by them, and saved, came to lay down next to that deer. She licked him and kept his body warm all through the night. The vets could not get to him until the morning. In the morning, Dr. Mike came and looked at his little hurt body. He said he could fix everything, but that leg..having a compound fracture, it would have to be re-casted over and over, and the repeated use of anesthesia, would kill him. Dr. Mike sent him home to the Infinite Light and away from his pain.” The man was amazed! “You do that for a deer?” The man with the soft voice said..”Yes, we do. Now, please give me your gun, so I can put this poor deer out of her misery.”


She heard him walking..talking softly. She felt his warm hand on her head..she felt the pain. The pain was unbearable now, and she was breathing as fast as she could to get oxygen into her broken body..she could not take this much longer……..


She never knew how it happened…but, suddenly…she was standing at a dark tunnel..there was light, a bright light at the end of it. That little deer, the man with the soft voice spoke of was there..He laughed and told her to come on!! She ran, just like before, to catch up with him. She felt no pain whatsoever…she came into the Light. She was in the most beautiful place she had ever known. She felt a tear run down her was a tear from the man with the soft voice as he said..You, on this day will be in Heaven…

And she WAS!!.

And she ran to join the deer that was in the fence.



***This is a true happened today, and the man is my husband, Greg.

Bless her soul, as she enters the Kingdom of Heaven!



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