Every Hunter and Trapper Will Die Someday

Every Hunter and Trapper Will Die Someday.

Boy, these old farts, simply keep repeating the same old rhetoric. As society progress’s and is leaving the old, ignorant, and cruel ways behind, those who refuse to progress into civilized compassionate thinking, still want their “out house’s” of the mind to stay put, think that their lies are sufficient enough to continue the status quo, just because they have taken those jobs that control the Wildlife, and that in the past we have been brainwashed to trusting this agency of knowing what they are doing, but the facts are out in the open and clear to most now, that these pos in place have no interest in managing wildlife for any other reasons other than their own sociopathic need to murder. The good news is, by their defensive behavior alone, they realize that we are not complicit to listening to their lies any longer, and that we WILL change this insanity, and soon.


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