Burros, and their friends, make us feel good this Sunday

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  sfgate.com

Formerly wild burros find loving home on Arizona ranch


Jo Di Gennaro with her two oldest males Mighele and Papa. Photo: Jo Di Gennaro

Friendships develop for a variety of reasons: over work, hobbies, sports. In the case of Arizona residents Kathie Shotts and Jo Di Gennaro, their friendship was deepened by a love of animals. Burros, to be exact.

Jo and I met when we were teaching at Donaldson Elementary in Tucson. When Jo retired, she started volunteering for Equine Voices, a horse rescue sanctuary in Green Valley, 30 miles south of Tucson. The sanctuary needed volunteers to brush, walk, wash and clean up after horses that had been found abandoned in the desert by either drug dealers or former owners that had tired of their pets. Jo’s heart melted at the thought of these poor, neglected animals, and over school vacations and holidays, she…

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