St Vrain State Park Colorado Canadian geese
If you haven’t heard about the most recent plan to round-up and gas over 200 geese in the Mill Creek Metroparks reservation. This is a sickening attack on our waterfowl. We must all help to stop this mass killing.     Please take 1 minute and sign petition:
Remember….if WS are not killing animals they are not being paid!  They continually look for new species to target.
Published: Thu, June 26, 2014 @ 12:03 a.m.
Staff report
Several Mill Creek Park roads were closed to motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians at 12:01 a.m. today and will remain closed until noon today for euthanasia of geese, a park official said.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture “will be humanely euthanizing some of the geese,” with the project to be overseen by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said Samantha Villella, Mill Creek MetroParks community engagement director.
The closed roads are Memorial Hill, East Glacier, Lily Pond, Robinson Hill, West and West Glacier drives, according to a park news release.
In the past, park officials have used predator decoys and noisemakers to scare off geese, Villella said.
As an additional geese population-control measure, park officials continue to addle the eggs of geese under an ODNR permit, Villella said.
In that process, they make the eggs of geese non-viable by puncturing them with 3-inch nails.
“They have a nuisance issue with geese in the park,” said Laura Graber, the Akron-based ODNR wildlife research technician who issued the permit for the early morning roundup and euthanasia of geese and goslings.
This is the first time for this activity in Mill Creek Park, but such roundups have been done elsewhere in Ohio, she said.
John Paul Seman, a Poland-based assistant USDA district supervisor, said the geese and goslings were to be be captured, placed in a chamber and euthanized with carbon dioxide gas, according to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines.
Karen Stamper is THE numero uno angel for Geese and Mute Swans. She has been fighting diligently and for a long time to save these birds from brutality from the DNR and USDA Wildllife Services. If you can help out with the below request please do. Please also pass this message on to other kind humans.

Additional Help is appreciated,

Dear fellow geese lovers:If any of you are able to help Karen Stamper with some donations to defray
the costs of feeding, rescuing and transporting geese to sanctuaries, please
send a check to:Karen Stamper 4796 Half Penny CT, Commerce Twp MI 48382

Karen goes above and beyond the call of duty to care for geese.

Thank you.

We are in serious need of donations
to help with feed, straw, transports, lettuce, aviary netting, fencing, and
meds. We have been receiving 2 to 3 calls some days on abandoned babies and
injured birds. Some need medical attention, some are fine, They just eat
like little piggies. If anyone is able to help monetarily, or can pick up
some cheap, clean straw, or Romaine lettuce. turnip greens, mixedB greens,
spring mixes, please let me know. There are only 4 of us who get these calls
and take care of the birds. We travel all over the state, So as some of you
know, it can be very exhausting and financially draining. I hate to ask, but
we are starting to feel overwhelmed.
If you would like to help us out in any way, please contact me through
e-mail or feel free to call me 248-912-5042. B If you would like. you can
make checks payable to: Karen Stamper 4796 Half Penny CT, Commerce Twp MI
48382. We truly do appreciate your help.

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