For Whom the Belle Tolls…a story of a feral cat

For Whom the Belle Tolls…a story of a feral cat

August 1, 2014 at 10:23am

Angelz..I want to tell you the story of Belle, a cat. Belle started her life as a kitten in someone’s home. She was very loved. She was named Belle, because she loved the little bell on her collar. Belle had a lot of attention as a kitten..she was charming, engaging and quite smart.Belle loved to play with her toys and all the humans laughed at her antics and loved playing with her. She grew and she noticed that as she grew, the humans seemed to be busy. She tried to engage them in play, but, they began to ignore her. Sometimes the man and the woman, whom she loved dearly, would fight and it would scare her. She would run and hide under the big chair and she would shake a little because their voices frightened her.


She was supposed to have shots to keep her from getting sick and she did have one, then another. She heard the man in the white coat, after the second shot, tell the nice lady to bring her back for another in three weeks..but, time went on..and she never did see that man in the white coat when those three weeks went by, but she was glad because he hurt her.

One day…the man and the woman started putting all the things in Belle’s house in cardboard boxes. Belle tried to get into the boxes too, but, they threw her out and yelled at her. Soon the big chair that she hid under when she heard their loud voices was gone and there was nothing left in the house. Then, the man took Belle and threw her outside. This was a new and strange world. There was nothing to eat, nothing to drink and Belle was really frightened. She saw them drive off in a big truck. The man and the woman..never came back for her. Belle was hungry and cold. She learned to eat trash in trash cans. She was so frightened of the other cats. They growled at her and swatted her. One even jumped on her and bit her neck so hard she bled. One day, she saw a can of something that smelled really good. It was inside a box. She went in to eat that wonderful smelling thing and there was a loud click. She was trapped!! A man with a box that talked in human voices finally came along and put Belle and the box onto a truck, like the one that left with the man and woman. She thought, maybe, he is taking me to them. She arrived at the Intake of a big city animal shelter. They put Belle into a cage. She was SOOOOO SCARED! She was trapped. The lights were too bright. There was so much noise everywhere. There was a smell of death. She started having a stomach ache in the middle of the night and felt pressure on her bottom, so she licked it. Belle gave birth to 5 kittens..5 perfect kittens. Belle was so in love with her babies and now she was so frightened that something or someone would hurt her babies. She hid as many as she could with her body from the view of the humans. Whenever a human came to clean her cage..she swatted and hissed to keep them away from her babies. 30 days went by and her babies were old enough to eat. Belle never stopped protecting them. She was frightened and angry. She was not going to let those humans harm her babies.

There was a kind volunteer there that loved cats. She always spoke to Belle in a soft voice and it made Belle remember when she was a kitten and the woman spoke to her in that soothing manner. Belle was sick. Her eyes itched and she had a hard time breathing. She could not taste the food, so, she really did not want to eat. The worse Belle felt, the more ferocious she became toward the humans to protect her babies from what Belle understood was death. The volunteer was a mother, herself. She understood Belle. She understood Belle was trying to protect her babies. The day came, when it was Belle’s turn to die. Belle was so aggressive, she had all the shelter workers scared of her..Belle’s babies were sick too. The decision was made to put her and her babies to death. An Angel rescuer walked into the busy shelter to pick up all the cats that were to be killed that day. The ones they would allow out. Belle was not one of those. The volunteer got the boss to agree that if she could get someone to take Belle’s babies, they would allow them to leave. Belle would never be allowed to leave because she was so ferocious in her attempts to protect her babies. The volunteer ran up to the rescuer. She told her Belle’s story. The rescuer wanted not only the kittens, but, she wanted Belle too. She was told no. The rescuer BEGGED for Belle’s life. Pleading over and over that she was not afraid of Belle..that all Belle was trying to do was to protect her babies. The rescuer was told that the only way was to take Belle’s babies or all would die. Belle would not leave alive. The rescuer finally exhausted all her means and agreed to take Belle’s sick little babies. Belle was taken to a room. She was SOOOO scared. She was not with her babies. She did not know what happened to them. The man in the white coat was there. He put that sharp thing into Belle’s arm. It was only took moments….Belle died. Belle had been labelled an aggressive feral.

Belle’s babies were taken in a car by the rescuer. They came to a beautiful place with trees and birds on a river. They were so frightened without their Mom. They were so hungry. The were so sick. Their littlest brother was very sick. He could not breathe very well. The rescuer and another lady with a soft voice took them out and looked at their mouths and put something sharp that hurt them. They took their little brother away. They said he would not make it. They were put into a box that had something in it flowing into the box. It made it easier to breathe. Then they were put into a warm bed with a soft blanket. Their little sickest brother went into the box. At one point, the rescuer asked the lady at the sanctuary if she had something to give the baby so she could go and live with Belle. Belle was with him. His name became Rio. Rio was dying, but, Belle would not leave him even in death. The sanctuary lady said let’s give this baby a lot of medicines that might help, since Rio was dying, this was his only chance, and that was slim. It is all we can do! He was poked and prodded. Fluids flowed under his skin making a big bump on his skin. Rio was placed in a box with air that was heavy for him to breathe, but, somehow breathing this…with every breath it became easier to take the next one. Hours later, Rio was still alive. Rio continues to live and the sanctuary lady and the rescuer pray and hover over him every day. The babies have to learn to eat something other than their Moms milk, but, they are old enough to learn and eat on their own. Belle continues to hover over her babies. Only now…she has to speak to the hearts of the sanctuary lady and the rescuer. And….they listen. Because, even on the Other Side, Belle continues to fight for her babies.


The Sanctuary is Redemption for Animals, a NO KILL rescue/sanctuary. The sanctuary lady is Connee Robertson Osh  and the rescuer is Crystal Dawn. This is just ONE of the stories of the animals that come here on a daily basis. Please…pray for our kittens, Moms and cats here. They need your prayers and support. Last night we just completed an EPIC rescue of 39 cats, 5 shelters and one family going into the shelter. It involved two legs, several fosters, and our sanctuary. The total drive time was 40 hours. The cost was enormous, but, the cost to the cats can not be measured. We cannot do these rescues without your love and support. Please contribute to our rescue efforts. We are all versed with medical knowledge of cats. We all love them so much, we give our entire lives to them. We continue to work with the small rural towns and are seeing our efforts pay off. We are bringing a mayor who wants to save his ferals in his town to see Nathan Winograd and his new screening of the movie Redemption. We named our rescue for the book Redemption, the no kill movement. We believe all life is precious and blessed. We believe these…are LIVING SOULS..precious to the Other Side. The Eyes of God!! I do what I do, in the name of my Angelz, Stephen, my son and our Angel Anna Bellin! If you want to contribute to our efforts to save these precious lives and keep them well, spay, neuter and vaccinate them. And see them to their new loving homes, please send, blankets, toys, pads, or money to Paypal address:

Picture taken hours after Rio nearly died.10574275_10203168224183814_2923892830510402139_n

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