Butch came to us from our local Humane society as a one week old kitten, along with his siblings. Two died from intestinal damage brought on by coccidiasis. When Butch was nine months old, this happened..Butch had a brother. Skipp got sick and died in less than 48 hours. No one, the vet, the State Lab..no one knows why Skipp died. Two days later, Butch got sick, his temp soared over 107.This went on for 10 days. Our veterinarian gave us a special drug to inject him with when his temp went over 105, which it did in the middle of the night, every night for those 10 days. I put Butch on my bare chest, slept on my back so I could feel the rise in his temp. When it went up, I would awaken Greg and we would give him the shot to lower his dangerously high temp. He never once wet me or himself. We kept him well hydrated. He always used the litter box, He was SOOO sick with something, that to this day, we do not know what it was. On the 10th day, his skin broke open with huge lesions. The temperatures he had been running fried the fat and muscle under his skin. Thus, we began to debride and treat his wounds with Pink Lady..miracle stuff. There is no-no way to tell any of this happened to him. Except, Butch sustained brain damage from this. At first, he could only crawl on his belly, but, I fixed up a small playroom for him. I have a morning dove who listens to music 24/7 and rocks out all night long. The kitties love this glassed in room right off my front door with a door to each porch and one to the front, they get visits from raccoons, the feral cats, and possums, etc. The animals look in the room…they can be face to face with each other..so so cute. I put a baby gate across the room. Butch cannot climb out, but the other cats can go back and forth to play and visit with Butch, thus, he has learned how to play and walk again. He will never be 100% normal..He is BETTER than normal, he is a survivor! He is adored, he is my hero. He teaches us all how to handle what life throws at you, with love and grace. Butch NEVER once….has stopped purring, or giving kisses. He is ALWAYS sweet and good natured, and, grateful to be ALIVE

Butchie says good night from Redemption For Animals

Butchie says good night from Redemption For Animals

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