About Redemption for Animals

Redemption for Animals is a non-profit rescue for animals, for dogs and cats,  and occasionally other species as well.  Our mission is to save as many cats and dogs as we can from being killed just because they have no home. We can all work together and find these  dogs and cats their forever homes, affording them to live a happy to life that they so deserve. No animal should be put to death, they have committed no crimes, but it is a crime from a lack of humanity that society would be complacent to  kill these innocent sentient beings. We have the resources and civilized intellect to follow a simple and wonderful plan, outlined by Nathan Winograd in his book “Redemption” http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org Please subscribe to this blog for updates of how you can help.

If you, or someone you know, needs to surrender their pet, please exhaust all efforts checking with Friends & Family first, then check with all Rescues,

             Lastly… if you must take it to a Shelter, PLEASE PLEASE make sure its a ‘NO KILL’ shelter. (spread the word)
          Discourage BreedingBunnyAdopt a Pet from a ‘KILL’ Shelter and Save a Life instead! Cat face

 ‎                                              “don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die”Dog face

Adopting One Pet won’t make a difference in the World, but will make a World of difference to the pet!


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